The people who bust their butts on the 87N. Thank you!


What can I say, my father started it all. Made sure I finished school first and then the racing hit full throttle after that. Worked very hard on all of my race cars and on the family’s dragster back in the days of mom’s racing. He knew it all and could fix anything in a pinch. Just when you thought we were done at the track, dad saved the day. He was there every step of the 30,000 miles traveled in 2006 chasing the IMCA National Championship. In 2007 his health began fading and he couldn’t go to the track as often. When he passed it left a huge hole in our team and we have done our best to carry on the tradition of excellence in his absence. Thanks Dad!


JUDY FITZGERALD The hardest working lady I know taking care of my widowed grandmother while being a widow herself and working 10-12 hours a day at her own job. Was an amazing competitor in the family’s dragster and even competed in a Super Late Model on the pavement at one time. I get my competitive side from her. Mom will do just about anything and we often have to keep her from trying to do too much. Works off her nervous energy between races by keeping the car absolutely spotless. Catches a lot of unnecessary flack for it in the pits but the fans and sponsors aren’t complaining. Just watching her work motivates me to do more and to try harder. Motivator, supporter, and most importantly, Mom.


BLAKE GREENWOOD Blake joined the team in 2001 and has been a consistent helper and supporter ever since. Helps out during the week and has missed very few races during the years. Will do pretty much anything to help get the car going and to keep it going. Credits my father for helping him learn the ins and outs of working on the modified. Has a major addiction to the Discovery and Learning channel shows.


Puppies Dusty (front), Daisy (back RIP), Dorey (white) are all rescued dogs. Two from a shelter and one from a family who wanted to put them down. Love walking the pits and the surrounding area between races at the track. They know when it is race day and lay in front of the doors and rush out when we open them.

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