Auctioning off t-shirts

I recently had some new shirts and hats made for the race team.   I didn’t order too many as I didn’t intend on selling them outright.   Just wanted to have a few with a recent depiction of the car.   However after the Animal Network shelled out $900 in Vet bills for the dog I saved from the streets, I’ve decided to look into doing a t-shirt auction.   Not quite sure if I am going to do it on here, on Facebook, or on EBay, but I want to try and earn some money for the Network.   We donated $300 back to the books when the dog was picked up but I know other dogs will be in need of services.   Look for information coming soon.   I plan on auctioning off a hat (flex L/XL), small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, and 3xL shirts separately.